Tune of the Day for Friday 19 March 2021: Oneness by Patrice Rushen

Patrice Rushen’s Oneness is a message today about your truth. Higher mind, body and soul are always one and always have been since the moment you were born – that is a fact because without that oneness you would not even be alive. While in the past there may have been a mental separation, that is no longer the case anymore. Where you are at currently is an indication of the level of belief in your true self and so with that comes self-worth and confidence. That said, it is more than likely that you are now able to follow through on many things where a lack in self-worth and confidence once held you back. Acknowledge the progress you are making and keep on following through on your intuitive awareness.

Tune of the Day is a music divinatory series brought to you by Unicornity

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