Tune of the Day for Thursday 18 March 2021: Extra Freedom by Kyoto Jazz Sextet

There is a need to let go of expectations so that you can live an attachment-free existence. Kyoto Jazz Sextet’s Extra Freedom is a message today to let go of the how, the what, the when, the who etc. and instead allow your life to take course as your higher mind intends in every single moment. That need to know everything, to map everything out before it has even begun to unfold and to be set on how that outcome will take shape not only invites opposing forces into the mix to meddle with your “plans”, it also limits your greatest potential and the amazing things that can occur. And so you are being urged to simply be and allow yourself to reach your goal in the most magickal and natural way.

Tune of the Day is a music divinatory series brought to you by Unicornity

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