Tune of the Day for Wednesday 24 February 2021: Just Go Forward (Ka I So) by Ibibio Sound Machine

You are getting an opportunity to start afresh and so Ibibio Sound Machine’s Just Go Forward (Ka I So) is a reminder today to keep moving forward. It is likely now that you are revisiting projects that your higher mind instigated sometime ago, but due to negative interferences and influences it’s likely back then that everything ground to a halt as soon as you attempted to get cracking. Now you are in a different place and are able to take action on such projects with a positive mindset and victory in your sights…keep that in your awareness. As the tune goes: “Just go forward, Don’t look back, Always forward.”

Rosalind Medea is an Intuit who provides intuitive readings, spiritual life coaching, and relationships counselling services to clients worldwide

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