Tune of the Day for Wednesday 30 December 2020: New Beginning by Byron the Aquarius

Trust in one self opens the door to a whole wave of opportunities. But as long as there are trust issues, that door stays shut and if there are intermittent moments when you do trust, that door opens albeit briefly before shutting down just as fast as you’ve opened it. What is the source of those trust issues you may ask? Perhaps it is time to now fully accept, acknowledge and embrace your truth. Once you do, that door flings wide open and remains that way until a new door approaches. Byron the Aquarius’s New Beginning is a message today that a new beginning is upon you and to give it your all. 

Tune of the Day is a music divinatory series brought to you by Unicornity Productions

Published by Rosalind Medea

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader and Counsellor.

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