Tune of the Day for Tuesday 22 September 2020: Nature’s Call by Shaun Escoffery

Shaun Escoffery’s Nature’s Call has many poignant messages for inhabitants of this planet concerning Mother Nature – in part a stark warning, in part a wake-up call and call to action, and in part offers a solution to the many issues affecting the planet right now. Nature’s Call also comes as a message today to converse daily with Mother Nature to see how you can be of assistance to her. Just as your requirements may change on a daily basis, so too does Mother Nature’s. So checking in daily with her to see how you can contribute to her wellbeing will go a long way to assisting with her healing process and your own – after all, we are all interconnected and part of a much bigger picture.

Shaun Escoffery

Rosalind Medea is an Intuit who provides intuitive readings, spiritual life coaching, and relationships counselling services to clients worldwide

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