Tune of the Day for Thursday 3 September 2020: It’ll Come by Belleruche

Belleruche’s It’ll Come is a message today once again about cultivating patience. A need for more flexibility in handling things will benefit you currently. Order does not always look “orderly”, so let go of any beliefs or pre-conceived notions about order and you may find yourself with patience aplenty. As the tune goes: “Sit back and relax, And let it happen naturally, No use in forcing then fighting, And making and breaking and using forcefully…Oh it will come to you, If you take some time, And stay true to you”. If there’s a project you are working on and you find that the enthusiasm is not there today, it is likely that it is not the opportune time to work on it, so then move on to what is relevant to your higher mind in the moment.

Rosalind Medea is an Intuit who provides intuitive readings, spiritual life coaching, and relationships counselling services to clients worldwide

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