Tune of the Day for Saturday 15 August 2020: Trust Yourself by Paul Grant

In able to trust another being, one must trust in oneself. And in order to trust oneself, one must believe in oneself. Paul Grant’s Trust Yourself comes as a reminder today to know that every choice that you make is the right one for you as directed by your higher mind. If there is at any point during the day any doubt about that truth, check where you went mentally, because it is likely that you left the now and wandered into the “no go” zone where criticism, judgement and ill-intent is all there is. If you do happen to go there, simply return yourself to the present moment and continue with what you were doing prior to the detour. While taking that detour was once all too easy to do, you are now changing the default to make being in the now all too easy to do. Trust that you’re on the right track and that this is merely a tightening up of your focus.

Paul Grant

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, and Relationships Counsellor.

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