Tune of the Day for Tuesday 4 August 2020: Crystals by Natureboy Flako

Crystals have been used for millenia for numerous purposes – to assist with healing of all kinds, as talismans for protection, and to help raise the vibrations in a space, among others. Flako’s Crystals is a message today about seeking the assistance of crystals to support you in your daily endeavours. Make a list of stones that leap out at you and speak to your inner being. You’ll find that the stones that are willing to work with you are the ones that have metaphysical and magickal properties that are aligned to your true self, which is why they “speak your language”. Get to know these crystals and how they are willing to support you in your everyday life.

Natureboy Flako

Tune of the Day is a new divinatory series here on my blog where I share some musical vibes. Music is a very powerful tool with numerous messages to be gleaned from a tune, whether it’s got vocals on it or it’s purely instrumentals. It also has massive healing benefits too.

Whether you have an ear for music or are simply looking for divination of a different medium altogether, music most certainly moves us and offers guidance. And just like with tarot and any other form of divination, music will have different meanings to different readers or in this case listeners. With each Tune of the Day I provide a general overview of some of the messages I’ve got from the track, but of course you may listen to it and get different signs or symbols. Enjoy!

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, and Relationships Counsellor.

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