How Musicians Can Adapt To Change In The Current Climate

This planet is changing in ways that there is no going back to the old ways of being and that change also includes the lifestyles of many. Call it a “planetary reset” or “new world order”, what it is more appropriate to call what we are witnessing right now with climate change and coronavirus is a shift to the natural rhythms of the planet and what its native flora, fauna and peoples are attuned to.

Lockdowns worldwide have forced changes upon a vast majority of people, musicians included. Some are adjusting to this change as best they can, adapting in ways that work for them and enable them to reach audiences worldwide. Some are using this time to hunker down and create, after all it is the need to channel their creative abilities that drives them and motivates them regardless of whether they have an audience or not. Then there are some who feel they are at a loss.

Many of us have heard people say that things “will never be the same”, and that is true. The way things were and the way industries have been operating will never be as we have come to know them to be in recent times. So then as musicians, how do you adapt to the changes that are currently occurring and in the future?

Bring your focus inwards

Recognising that your creative abilities come from within you and knowing that your inner being is not influenced by anyone or anything externally is the first thing that anyone of us, whether you are a musician or in any other field need to accept and acknowledge.

Making music is not a choice that is influenced by anyone or anything outside of yourself – not by a parent, teacher, mentor, friend or foe – it is a choice and a commitment to the chosen path that your inner being or true self made many moons ago. And it is that which feeds and nurtures your inner being above and beyond. It is the desire to create music that is their driving force, not what is going on in the wider music industry nor the response from fans to their music.

Learn to listen to your inner being, after all it is their creative abilities and talents that are being channelled, and allow your inner being to make choices and decisions that are a reflection of who you truly are. It is never about pleasing others and doing things how other people want or expect you to do things. It is always about creating whatever your inner being wants to create and then doing with those creations whatever she or he desires.

Change your mindset

What comes from heart and soul is the only thing that is important – no external factor is ever taken into consideration. You may not know who your audience is and that’s ok. Remember create first and the audience-base will follow, whoever they may be, wherever they may be, and however in which way or medium your inner being chooses to reach her or his audience.

Learning to allow your inner being full control of their lives and their creative process is a must. Be aware that when you make choices that aren’t a reflection of your inner being, it is likely that your creativity will stop cold or what you’re creating gets “diluted”. Learning to dialogue with your higher mind at all times is what enables you to create freely and truthfully at your best.

Just create

If you are making music, it is more than likely your passion or one of your passions. It is that fire in your belly and that which nurtures and fuels your inner being. Just do what you love and love what you do. Do not make it about anything else.

While there are concerns about the impact of the coronavirus on the livelihoods and incomes of musicians, as challenging as the current situation is, do not make this your focus or “fret about the dough”. Be mindful of your thoughts and your thought process, as your thoughts create. Look at it this way, money is simply energy. Be aware of the concept of giving and receiving. The more energy that you put behind your creative endeavours, know that you will receive in whatever way the universe brings you what you need and ask for. That’s not to say that you will not receive money, as you will. When you do what you love and make that your focus, the money follows without you even having to focus on it. Also have in your awareness that people lived on this planet following their chosen path and happily so long before money became a form of exchange.

Trust your inner being 

Learn to trust in your inner being and know they have your back and are capable of navigating their way through any challenge you may encounter in life. Be open to her or his way of being and doing things, and have no expectations since expectations are limiting in their very construct.

Be self-sufficient 

Inner beings don’t take kindly to “being managed” as they are effectively “the boss” and their own manager. When you operate from the place of simply creating with no limitations, things start to change in your daily operations.

Being self-sufficient and independent or inner-dependent, as it were, is a natural way of being to your inner being and where necessary, she or he will also find like-minded individuals that you may collaborate with.

Think out of the box

Currently with people under lockdown, musicians aren’t able to collaborate with bandmembers or other musicians in the way that they previously did. That’s not to say that they can no longer jam together. On the contrary, it’s just about finding new ways to vibe together and virtual jams are making it possible to stay connected. And playing DJ sets from the comfort of your own space is another way for your creative endeavours to touch lives worldwide.

Our inner beings are very adaptable and just because they aren’t in the same room as each other, they have the spiritual connection to the other souls that they are jamming with and that connection can be just as strong, if not stronger infact, then being physically in the same room as them. Think telepathic jamming.

Count the blessings 

Not being “out there” means there’s less interaction with psychic vampires and energy zappers – yeh, you know the kind – the “shifty promoter”, the “wonga-grabbing manager”, the “name-dropping agent”, or the “loud-mouthed industry type”. Spending more time with your inner being means you’re in creative control and are in complete charge of who you collaborate with and who you do business with, and less likely to have someone trying to make a connection to you energetically and grab on to your power chakra because they see exactly who you are, what you are, your talents, and want to exploit them.

And remember that those who belong to your inner being will find you and your music no matter what. Your sounds sends energy waves out there the moment you start creating psychically, energetically and spiritually, and those who are tuned in to you and resonate with the music will respond to it energetically first before they become aware of it on a physical level and head to an outlet to purchase your tunes.

If you are a musician who has been affected by the changes that are currently occurring and need some guidance on how you can turn things around, I am offering free counselling sessions during the month of May 2020. If you are interested, please send me an email.

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader and Counsellor. I enjoy music and I use it in my own life to raise the vibes, as a communication tool, for the guidance it brings and for healing. 

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