Tune of the Day for Monday 20 April 2020: Bright Future by Ben Westbeech

As spiritual beings, we create our lives on the spiritual plane and manifest it into the physical. We do not at any point in time squeeze what we have created spiritually and worked diligently on shaping and forming magickally to fit in with how the world currently looks, and neither do we fix the world by focusing on the current problems. It’s not about focusing on what’s wrong, it’s about focusing on how you want your life and the environment that you are a part of to be or to look. This in-and-of itself is how we create positive change and fix the world. For instance, rather than focusing on the news about climate change, instead envisage a world with billions of trees and clean oceans full of native marine life. Here is where your imagination comes into play in shaping your world and creating the world that you desire to live in and for future generations. It’s quite possible as a child that you were told you had an “overactive imagination” by a “teacher” or someone else and it was quite possibly said in a derogatory manner, which probably stopped your imagination in its tracks. And yes you likely do have an overactive imagination, and here’s the thing – that “overactive imagination” is that part of you that enables you to create change in your life and in the world around you, and bring it in to being right here, right now. Ben Westbeech’s Bright Future comes as a message today to imagine the world you want to live in and how you want your life to be, to act like it is so already and to carry out the physical actions that your intuition guides you to to manifest it physically.

Ben Westbeech

Tune of the Day is a divinatory series here on this blog where I share some musical vibes. Music , is a very powerful tool with numerous messages to be gleaned from a tune, whether it’s got vocals on it or it’s purely instrumentals. It also has massive healing benefits too.

Whether you have an ear for music or are simply looking for divination of a different medium altogether, music most certainly moves us and offers guidance. And just like with tarot, music will have different meanings to different readers or in this case listeners. With each Tune of the Day I provide a general overview of some of the messages I’ve got from the track, but of course you may listen to it and get different signs or symbols. Enjoy!

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Relationships Counsellor and Healer. I enjoy music and I use it in my own life for the guidance it brings and the immense healing benefits it provides. 

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