Mindful Living: Adapting Your Lifestyle In Times of Change or Crisis

Change is happening all around us – the coronavirus pandemic and climate change being two most prominent examples of that right now. Lockdowns worldwide are thrusting changes upon everyone’s lifestyle, which in all honesty is a force for positive change in everyone’s lives. Navigating our lives during these “crises” or changes can be managed by a mindful approach to living and by tuning to one’s intuition and allowing your intuition to make the best choices for you moment-by-moment.

So how do you adapt to the changes currently going on? What can you do to support your spiritual, physical, energetic, mental and emotional wellbeing? And what are the opportunities? Rosalind Medea takes a look…

Breathing Exercises:

If you are suffering from anxiety or stress and find your mind is constantly wandering into the future or the past, bring your focus to your breathing and take 3 deep breaths in-and-out. By focusing on your breathing, it takes you away from the racing thoughts and in to the present moment. Do this as often as you need to.

Bring Nature Indoors:

If you don’t have a garden or if public parks are currently off limits in your area, having plants in your home is another way that you can still connect to nature. House plants provide numerous health benefits such as improving sleep, improving indoor air quality, and reducing anxiety and fatigue. For instance, lavender has powerful stress-relieving qualities which helps to slow down a panicky heart rate and to lower blood pressure. Some of the most popular and common house plants, spider plants remove harmful chemicals from the air, while rubber plants eliminate airborne toxins.

Grow Your Own Food:

Another way to bring nature indoors and if you don’t have a garden is by potting herbs. Potting herbs is a great way for people who live in flats or apartments to also grow their own food, which can be used for culinary purposes and even if the herbs dry out and can’t be used in food, then consider burning them as incense on a charcoal disc. Herbs such as rosemary, mint and basil grow well indoors and you can readily buy the seeds from online stores. What’s more, plants like mint and basil also keep critters the hell away.

If you have a garden, you have a lot more scope for growing your own food and being self-sufficient, therefore less reliant on the need to go to a grocery store or supermarket.

Exercise Mind, Body & Soul:

If you are looking for an exercise that integrates posture, movement, breathing technique, and builds inner strength, check out Tai Chi and Qigong. Sometimes described as “moving meditations”, both Tai Chi and Qigong exercises Mind, Body & Soul, focusing on gentle, meditative flowing movements and stretches in order to harmonise the body and mind and bring one into a state of balance.

These forms of martial arts aim to cultivate the qi or life energy within us to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. Both Tai Chi and Qigong can improve muscular strength, flexibility, fitness, improve immunity, relieve pain and improve quality of life.

Think out of the box:

Old ways of doing things and being are no longer viable, which is what the coronavirus pandemic and climate change is showing. The ease of going about your everyday life such as going to the supermarket to pick up groceries is no longer a “simple task”, but that does not mean that you “long for how it used to be”. What it does indeed indicate that change for a greater good. is necessary

The current situation is pushing old habits and patterns’ “nose out of joint” as it were, which in-and-of itself is a blessing. So if you’ve always shopped in the same place for years, how about checking out independent stores online that offer deliveries in your area? Or maybe this is the ideal opportunity for you to make greener choices and shop at eco-friendly stores online. Do some research and remember don’t go for the “usual suspects” when it comes to doing your grocery shopping, see what else is out there that is local, offers a delivery service, and takes in to consideration the environment and the impact of their business and way of doing business on the environment. Let your intuition guide you on the businesses that are aligned with her or his values.

Get creative in the kitchen:

Limiting your grocery shopping trips in line with the lockdowns in your area may mean that certain supplies are running low in your kitchen. But hang on? What about those items in the cupboards that you haven’t used? Once again, time to think out of the box and get creative in the kitchen. Set yourself a challenge to see what you can rustle up with what you already have. Your intuition will gladly introduce you to some healthy and nutritious dishes using ingredients that are to hand. Not only is this fun but you’ll also get to savour some tasty, “kickass” combinations that you would perhaps otherwise never have put together.

Play more:

Use the time that you have to play more. Put on some music and dance around the room – not only is this good exercise but it also raises the vibes in your space. If you have children, spend time playing with them. If young kids have grown a tad bored of their toys, then paint, draw, play hide and seek, use colouring-in books or create some new games. Use your imagination and encourage your kids to develop their imagination by creating some fun games that you can all enjoy together.

And if you have pets, help them to exercise by playing with them. If you have cats, use dangler pole toys to get them chasing and jumping. Efforts such as these also gets you exercising. You can even make your own cat toys and hiding places for your feline friends using everyday items such as cardboard boxes and craft supplies such as feathers.


Now could not be a better time to learn to meditate or to develop meditation. There are numerous guided meditations that you can do or if you are new to meditation, put a candle or tealight on and watch the flame as it moves. The practice of meditation will help to calm your mind and assist you to better connect with your intuition for clarity and insight.

Learn to use divination tools: 

Using physical tools such as tarot decks, oracle decks, crystal balls for scrying, runes or crystals are a great way to learn to attune to your intuition. Most importantly, find a divination tool that resonates with you or develop your own. Divination is very personal to you so even though each card in a Tarot deck, for instance, will have a general meaning, you will begin to develop your own interpretation of the cards based on how your intuition perceives them. There is no hard and fast rule and no right or wrong answer here, so do that which feels right for you.

How about that business idea?:

The coronavirus pandemic has forced changes in industries worldwide. If you have been laid off or your current job situation is at risk, now maybe the right time for you to sit down and focus on what your passions are and how you can apply those passions to doing that which you love. Have you ever wanted to run your own business and to be your own boss? Have you had an idea that you’ve sat on for years? Why not take the time to explore this further. 

If you are already self-employed and you have concerns about your business, look at ways that you can adapt your business under the current circumstances. Talk it over with a friend or get support from a counsellor. There are always opportunities even in the most challenging of circumstances and while you may not see those right now, it helps to talk this over with someone impartial who can help to communicate to you that which your intuition wants you to know.

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