Tune of the Day for Wednesday 29 January 2020: Take A Look (At Yourself) by Guru & Roy Ayers

Following on from yesterday’s Know Yourself, today’s message comes from Guru & Roy Ayers on Take A Look (At Yourself). Do you look at your life and wonder why you can’t get from A to B? It is likely that the reason you can’t get there is because of an internal battle – indicating that what you believe to be true about yourself and your life is in direct conflict with your truth. In order to deal with the problem, you must go within to pull apart what gets in your way and to spiritually eliminate it and replace it with your inner truth so you can create physical change. Choose to ignore the problem, then it remains hidden and unresolved, and in the meantime, you’ve got no way of ever getting to point B. Taking a look at yourself in that manner can be the hardest thing for anyone to do, but it is also the most rewarding as it is the only thing that can manifest the life that you desire. As the tune goes: “Step back, analyse, and use your own eyes to see (take a look)…For your problems, yo you can’t blame no one else…I ain’t runnin away (never kid) yo are you?, I been through the BS, I got scars a few (many), But I can’t dwell in the hell that I’ve passed through (nope), I’mma blast through (yup) and do what I gotta do (have to)…And get a grip on your own and get a life of your own, And stop waitin, for things to come to you, That’s for chumps (that’s right) I know what you oughta do”.

Tune of the Day is a new divinatory series here on my blog where I hare some musical vibes. Music is a very powerful tool with numerous messages to be gleaned from a tune, whether it’s got vocals on it or it’s purely instrumentals. It also has massive healing benefits too.

Whether you have an ear for music or are simply looking for divination of a different medium altogether, music most certainly moves us and offers guidance. And just like with tarot, music will have different meanings to different readers or in this case listeners. With each Tune of the Day I provide a general overview of some of the messages I’ve got from the track, but of course you may listen to it and get different signs or symbols. Enjoy!

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Relationships Counsellor and Healer. I enjoy music and I use it in my own life for the guidance it brings and the immense healing benefits it provides. 

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