Tune of the Day for Thursday 23 January 2020: Home Cooking by Tony Allen

What you eat and put in your body today affects your body now, tomorrow and in the future. Home Cooking from legendary Nigerian drummer Tony Allen featuring lyrics from British Nigerian rapper Ty serves as a reminder to be mindful of what you’re eating and the benefits of home cooking. But it also goes a step further, referencing “our ancestors”. Mother Nature provides all the foods that her children require – meat, dairy, grains, pulses, fruits, and vegetables in some form depending on your locale. To achieve the balanced nutrition that their bodies required, the ancestors ate quantities of all foods in their locality, not at the elimination of any of those, since they knew exactly what it took to both honour their bodies and to maintain the health of their bodies. As Home Cooking goes: “Home Cooking is the best my friend, Cause once you’ve had it you won’t be hungry again, Because it will nourish you deep within your soul, You won’t be eating junk food no more, This kind of food was prepared long ago by our ancestors way back home….So tell me what you’re dishing out?”

Tony Allen

Tune of the Day is a new divinatory series here on my blog where I hare some musical vibes. Music is a very powerful tool with numerous messages to be gleaned from a tune, whether it’s got vocals on it or it’s purely instrumentals. It also has massive healing benefits too.

Whether you have an ear for music or are simply looking for divination of a different medium altogether, music most certainly moves us and offers guidance. And just like with tarot, music will have different meanings to different readers or in this case listeners. With each Tune of the Day I provide a general overview of some of the messages I’ve got from the track, but of course you may listen to it and get different signs or symbols. Enjoy!

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Relationships Counsellor and Healer. I enjoy music and I use it in my own life for the guidance it brings and the immense healing benefits it provides. 

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