Tune of the Day for Sunday 29 December 2019: Shining In Da Darkness by Nookie

As the decade almost comes to an end, the last few days is likely to be a time for reflection. For many 2010 to date has been a journey of self-discovery – peeling away layers of the false you to reveal the true you. To say that that journey has not been smooth sailing would be an understatement. At times wonderful, at times darn right weird, at times joyful, at times purely chaotic, at times pure peace, at times WTF, and at times aha! But what has been consistent throughout is your perseverance and if you have never been consciously aware of it, that’s your warrior side that has kept you on the road to your destiny. As Nookie aptly titled this track, Shining in the Darkness that sums up this decade – that being of light being you shining bright in spite of what was going on around you, that light never went out. Fittingly made for warriors, crank this drum’n’bass tune up and dance off any energy from the last decade you don’t want to take with you into the 2020s, and get set for changes and new beginnings.


Tune of the Day is a new divinatory series here on my blog where I share some musical vibes. Music is a very powerful tool with numerous messages to be gleaned from a tune, whether it’s got vocals on it or it’s purely instrumentals. It also has massive healing benefits too.

Whether you have an ear for music or are simply looking for divination of a different medium altogether, music most certainly moves us and offers guidance. And just like with tarot, music will have different meanings to different readers or in this case listeners. With each Tune of the Day I provide a general overview of some of the messages I’ve got from the track, but of course you may listen to it and get different signs or symbols. Enjoy!

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Relationships Counsellor and Healer. I enjoy music and I use it in my own life for the guidance it brings and the immense healing benefits it provides. 

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