Tarot Guidance for Wednesday 14 August 2019: 9 of Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles indicates a shift in your mindset to allow for abundance and prosperity to permeate your life. You are being guided to do what it is that is your destiny, in other words to do what you love doing and what is truthfully, your birthright. When you focus your energy on that which you love doing and keep on at it, your life takes on a new course and one where you actually begin to truly live, experience life and enjoy life. And just as the imagery of the 9 of Pentacles, your life bears fruit.

Tarot Credit: Everyday Witch Tarot

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, who does intuitive readings, tarot readings, spiritual life coaching, and Twin Flame/Twin Soul guidance. Personal tarot readings with Rosalind are now available via Patreon




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