What Adults can learn from Young People’s stance on the Environment

Young people are guided by their intuition which is why their connection to nature and the preservation of the planet is so strong in them.

I recently wrote an article about a National Citizen Survey (NCS) which found that 32% of young people in Britain, aged 11-16, believe the environment and air pollution to be the most important issue right now. What was most interesting about this research was that many of the young people surveyed were frustrated by their parents lack of interest and action when it comes to environmental issues. The NCS survey found that nearly half of parents confessed their children had asked them to make changes to save the planet, which they have not made.

There’s a lot that adults can learn from young people including courage, perseverance and the desire to only be guided by their true self. When there is talk about “reconnecting people to nature” or “a disconnect to nature” – that is most prevalent in adults because they do not always choose their true self or intuition to guide them, hence the “disconnect”, whereas a child or teenager has that intuitive awareness working for them 24/7 365. Think about how a baby will always cry when they are around a certain person or a certain person attempts to interact with them by picking them up – that’s because the baby is intuitively sensing the truth of that person.

When a person is connected to their intuition or true self, their connection to nature is a given. To have that connection to one’s intuition, one can see that taking care of the planet is a priority, because it is also about taking care of oneself and loved ones, since the two are not mutually exclusive – a truth that young people are very aware of and take action on persistently and consistently.

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