Learning to Tune in to the Frequency that is the Higher Mind and Stay There

An FM radio where you literally turn that dial until you finally reach the station you want, as crude as it sounds pretty much describes my journey from ego mind to higher mind. Before you reach the transmission of your choice, there’s several different stations along the way and a fair share of white noise in between.

You could say the different stations along the way are the thoughts, thought forms, and beliefs yelling at you to stop and take note. It takes a while before you truly realise that just because you are hearing those stations, it doesn’t mean that they belong to you or that they are even playing your tune. In fact all it is is that you’ve channelled some noise from something somewhere somewhen. You reach your intended destination of higher mind on several occasions, but you lose the frequency just as easily as you found it as as if the dial on the radio itself has “a mind of its own” flitting from station to station.

It sure is a bumpy ride to get to your chosen destination and to stay there. There’s fake stations out there trying to “mirror” your higher mind and then there’s those “temptation” stations you may stop at for a while because they are playing some tune you like, but then hey, something doesn’t feel right so you move forward again in search of the finest tune you’ve ever heard in your entire life, your higher mind.

With persistency and consistency you reach your destination and are able to stay there for longer periods of time until suddenly your frequency becomes in complete alignment with your higher mind, and the only sound is that of your higher mind and what she or he is transmitting from that point onwards. That tune is pure peace, pure silence and pure heaven. It is at this moment onwards that you are able to truly “hear” your intuition and to telepathically communicate with those your higher mind desires to communicate with. There’s no going back from that point as you are locked into higher mind and no other station can overrule or overpower your higher mind.

And let me just say, for those of you who like music, listening to a tune through the best sound system ever created is no match for listening to that tune through the ears of your higher mind. And that is quite frankly, always a blessing!

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