Transforming street talk to be a reflection of the language of the universe

Words carry power and the very words you utter creates your reality. This is something that I have learned in my latter years, and had I been consciously aware of this simple truth in my youth, I would most certainly delete much of the language I used then.

I was born in London and grew up in the city, and so the desire to be “cool” and “talk street” was a trap that the ego mind set up. Communicating with friends, I would expel the street lingua like there was no tomorrow. Yet the very words I uttered had nothing to do with my true self, and had no meaning to my true self. Yet wait…every time I spoke those words, I was creating each and every time.

Have you noticed, street talk tends to be negative by nature. Even when someone is talking “street” and they are vocalising some form of joy or positive, the words they utter totally negate the very positive they are attempting to express.

The misappropriation of words is the product of chaos, and essentially the language of chaos. The universe is order and it’s very essence is positive in nature. So when one speaks, however innocent that conversation may appear, throwing out a “wicked”, a “sick”, a “shabby”, a “cuss”, a “the illest”, or a “my bad”, one has to stop and be aware of what exactly is that creating in the life of the person who in truth, dared to speak those words? The very opposite of “cool”, hey!

The universe does not filter our words, it takes what you say literally. Even the “I don’t like”, it comes right back at you with more of the what you don’t like. And this is true of every spoken word, whether it’s verbalised a la street or the “Queen’s English”. Even as I write this, I am now becoming consciously aware of my overuse of the word “cool” and the source of feeling the cold in my home when everyone else is feeling fine. It’s as simple as that. Being consciously aware of your words, goes a long way to bringing what you want in your life in to your life. So unless a person intentionally wants to create chaos in their life, then street talk must align with the language of the universe and that is most definitely “awesome”.

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