Do What You Love Doing And The Love Will Follow

Have you noticed that when you do what you love doing, from that point onwards the world is your oyster? There is one caution here – if you make what you love doing about money, it automatically becomes a daily grind just like that day job that you may be so desperately trying to get out of but have chained yourself to the desk in the process.

Successful business people like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Pharrell Williams didn’t get where they are today by following the money. They got there by simply doing what they love doing, following their passions and of course, because they are darn good at what they do. And it just so happens they became millionaires in the process. Funnily enough, when you stop making what you do about money and when you stop referring to what you love doing as “work” – the flow is abundant – cash flow, clients, business partnerships, you name it, and you find that you have the time to do what needs to be done regardless of circumstances.

When your mindset is in-sync with your true self, there is no daily grind and there are no limitations. So if you’ve been thinking about setting up a business or going freelance, listen up: the only way to break the chain or chains to that desk is to change your mindset and take action. You can no longer lug that desk, ball and chain(s) around with you anymore – yes, that’s the deadweight you’ve been carrying home with you all those evenings, taking into bed with you, when you get up in the mornings, and even dragging it along with you to the playground with your kids. Those chains don’t leave your side until you realise that that’s what you’ve been doing, and instead choose what truly belongs to you so you can inevitably destroy the chain(s).

There are many myths circulating around the concept of setting up your own business and freelancing like “you need a loan”, “you got to know people”, “you’ve got to take a course”, and “you can’t get a mortgage if you’re freelance”. All of which are quite frankly lies that have been told to you by the monkey mind and its cohorts to stop you in your tracks and keep you at the behest of someone else’s rules and regulations, and chained to that frigging desk.

When I was at journalism college, two successful freelance writers came in to give a talk about freelancing. It was the one moment that stands out for me from that time period, mainly because it was the part that was significant to my true self. The two writers had each rented a desk at a co-working space where they met, and over time the pair found themselves passing writing commissions each other’s way. What also stood out about the pair was that they lived their truth – it wasn’t about the money or the bylines – it was that they both loved writing and they had an open approach to their craft, which meant that they had a consistent flow of projects falling at their feet quite literally.

Had I not listened to the monkey money mind, I would have launched into a freelance career the moment I left college. Instead I danced around it, dipped my toe in it a few times before running back to a “safe” desk job. I was rocking those chains and even gathered them like I was Mr T’s lovechild or something – only these chains weren’t cool, they weren’t blinging, and they certainly weren’t bringing in the gold either. That said, I’m here now and I’ve ditched the self-imposed chains, and I’m embracing a new zest for writing, and a writing career and business that is a reflection of my true self. Bring it on!

What we love doing is a significant part of our lives, just as those whom we love are a significant part of our lives too. Essentially doing what you love doing brings the love within you to the forefront, the true essence of your being. So take that leap of faith and find your groove career-wise – whether it’s starting your own business or finding a company that resonates with who you are and your values – as every moment in life is to be experienced and to be cherished. Once we acknowledge and accept our calling in life and the way in which our true selves desire to walk that path, the world most certainly becomes our oyster.

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, who does intuitive readings, tarot readings, spiritual life coaching, and Twin Flame/Twin Soul guidance. She is also a writer who writes about whatever “floats her boat” in the moment. 

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