Symbolism: Adventures of the Animalkind

As I grow in awareness of the natural world, I’m now discovering that many of the things that resonated with me as a child are making their way back into my life – animals, especially.

London Zoo and the neighbouring Regent’s Park were possibly the most frequented places I visited as a child. Keeping animals in zoos rather than their natural habitats does not sit well for me, and I most certainly was sensitive to the energies of the animals kept in confined spaces, but I now understand the significance of those trips to the zoo for playdates and birthday parties. Mainly for me to become aware of the animal kingdom and their place in my life, especially on an energetic and spiritual level.

Naturally I was drawn to the big cats, giraffes, polar bears and pandas, among others. Animals are symbolic and bring messages throughout our lives. Each animal brings with them certain qualities, energies and characteristics that may resonate with you, be similar to your own, or exhibits traits that you desire in your life. For example, a lion represents courage, power, and dignity; a giraffe symbolises grace, perception, intuition and balance; and a polar bear symbolises acceptance, gratitude and protection.

So then how can you begin to work with animals as totems? As lovely as it would to be have a backyard of sprawling lush greenery and all the animals that I resonate with hanging out in the “garden”, I will settle, for now, with items that best represent the totems. For instance, I’m sitting here writing this post in a giraffe-print skirt and sipping green tea from a mug, which when hot liquid is poured into it, reveals one of my favourite “mythical” creatures. Then there’s my leather bag with leopard print detailing. Lot’s going on here, each of which is symbolic of what I require in my life – so giraffe’s vibes can help heighten my psychic awareness as I do psychic readings, dragon energy is highly protective, and the leopard being symbolic of creative energy and creativity can assist me in my endeavours as a writer.

If you resonate strongly with animals, let your imagination run as wild as your backyard safari, and ask for their assistance in supporting your spiritual endeavours. Look around your home and you will likely find many items symbolic of the animal kingdom – everything from a Chinese waving gold cat, a penguin cuddly toy in your children’s toy chest, a Tiger’s Eye tumblestone, those zebra print sandals, and even that postcard on your fridge, sent by a friend while on safari. What these animals symbolise will be unique from person-to-person, and so too will be the learnings you gain in working with these animals. So the first step then is to simply acknowledge their presence and how very alive their energy is in your life.

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