Spiritual connection is the strongest bond you can have with anyone

A spiritual connection is the strongest bond that you can have with another being – whether they are your other-half, parents, kids, siblings or friends. You have the physical connection to them but the spiritual connection is of far greater significance because it is the source of that physical connection.

A good friend of mine, well brother truly, recently passed away at the age of 35. A peaceful and humble being with a strong entrepreneurial vibe, his passing was a shock especially given that I had seen him only a few weeks ago when he was his ever positive and upbeat self. He was on antibiotics for an infection and so on that occasion, I didn’t make the legendary mojitos that he was very fond of. So when he passed away from a rare form of meningitis, just a few days ago as I write this, it didn’t compute.

When I heard the news of his passing, the head tried to go to the “WTFs” but my inner being was instead directing me towards an awareness of pure, light energy around me. I hadn’t experienced energy like that since my mother passed away some years ago and it was instantly recognisable as it was Danilo’s energy in its entirety and full regalia. Which brings me to the point that even though a person passes, that spiritual connection which you have with them never dies because they are still very well and alive spiritually. Their energy and essence is still with you – it’s just that you have to now nurture the spiritual relationship with them. Telepathic communications instead become your speed dial to reaching out to them. I still feel my mother’s energy strongly – it would most certainly be impossible not to really – lol! Her being is always there following my every move, and yes my mother’s voice of reason is sometimes heard yelling 😉

Danilo in fact was one of the ones who helped me tremendously when I took those first steps on the spiritual path. Not long after I took the initial step on my spiritual journey and attempted to run from my own self or shadow, as it were, I took a trip to Brazil. Danilo, who was originally from Brazil had moved back there, so we decided to meet in Rio de Janeiro and vacation there together. A week-long stay in Brazil’s carnival capital was spent visiting the sights, but the real experience was in the time we spent chatting – we walked and talked for hours – often touching on Danilo’s many psychic and spiritual experiences, something that he had been very open to and aware of from a young age. Something I did have an awareness of as a kid, but at some point it got buried.

It’s the times I spent with my soul brother – sitting and watching the sunset on Leblon Beach, giggling our way through a few caipirinhas, and chatting about anything and everything – that I remember most fondly about that trip to Brazil. Rio de Janeiro as beautiful as its beaches are, is an extreme place – so having someone as attuned to energies made it easy to push the chaos away.

Danilo recently reminded me of the time when a tour guide we met in a Rio bar attempted to sell us a tour of a favela. Both of our radars went up at the thought, and halfway through the tour guide’s sale’s pitch, I began to think to myself “this dude’s voice is familiar”. Then Danilo tapped my arm and whispered to me “Ah, Morgan Freeman wants to take us to the favela, does he think we are crazy?” I couldn’t keep a straight face after that and we quickly made our excuses and left the bar. Then there was the time on a bus journey, when each of our inner alarm bells went off simultaneously. We both looked at each other before Danilo headed to the bus driver to politely inform him that we had missed our stop and could he let us off here. The bus was heading into a notorious favela, not far from a luxury part of Leblon Beach. It seemed chaos had plans for us, fortunately then that Danilo and I were on the same page and our telepathic communications were on the same wavelength – and so outsmarting chaos every step of the way.

Danilo helped me to open up to my own spiritual side and psychic abilities especially, in a way that resonated with me and felt comfortable, and most importantly, in a way that I could no longer deny.

Essentially what was being played out here between Danilo and I was the manifestation of a spiritual bond, which had been cultivated a very long time ago, into the physical via two physical bodies – in another words, a soul-to-soul connection. Having this awareness is what is helping me with the grieving process as I know, on an intuitive level, that in spite of Danilo’s physical body passing, his spiritual energy is very much present and even stronger.

Spiritual connections of this kind are not something that you are going to have with every person. In the last few years there have been a number of deaths within the extended family network, none of whom I had any spiritual connection with. And that’s ok, because it’s the ones that you do have spiritual connections with that really matter. A physical person can walk the path with you for a short time and their impact on your life can be monumental. However, that relationship you have with them does not end from the time they pass, rather it returns to its origins.

Danilo’s family are currently crowdfunding to repatriate his body from the UK to Brazil. If this resonates with you, please consider a donation here 


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