Ramblings Of The Medea: Records that changed my life – 4hero’s Parallel Universe

Have you noticed how all the best tunes are timeless? They could have been made yesteryear or 20 years from now. Fact is they transcend all time, all space and all realms.

I’ve always had a lot of love and respect for 4hero – pioneers of early breakbeat and drum and bass. Their first album Parallel Universe seemed to be permanently lodged in my CD player after discovering it in my youth, and on shuffle when I later got an iPod.

Back in the days, I was especially drawn to instrumentals and beats (I still am today), and I also had a passion for house music – especially those tunes with funky rhythms and huge vocals from a soulful lady rocking her personal power with those lyrics of power. Yeh, baby!

Never ones for formula, 4hero produced some amazing instrumentals but they too also had some kickass tunes with female vocalists too. Heaven sent tunes, for sure. From the Carol Crosby-fronted Universal Love – “All we need is love” – simple lyrics with deep meaning, through to Ursula Rucker singing Mother Earth’s cries on Two Page‘s Loveless – “They slaughter their sibling blossoms and beasts like the first murderer, Cain; Their pure sister oceans will never be the same due to daily spoil and brother sky’s choked from oil Refinery factory smoke; Your mother earth found me, dying, note who’s crying; Now”. These tracks came out in the 1990s, and the lyrics are still pertinent today.

Parallel Universe is a particularly special record for me as every time I listen to it, my awareness expands even more. In my youth I wasn’t getting the messages of Parallel Universe that my inner being wanted me to be aware of back then – mainly because I was in denial about my own intuitive abilities and spirituality back then – which is probably why I had it on loop, in the vain hope that I would get it – lol! Lyrics aside, even 4hero’s track names have meaning to me – Better Place, Journey From The Light, We Who Are Not As Others, Follow Your Heart and Starchasers.

Now as I’m open to my inner wisdom, my inner truth and an awareness of my place in the universe, I get Parallel Universe’s teachings and there’s numerous lessons in it for me. And similarly with 4hero’s follow-up album, Two Pages. To be able to grow with an album and to carry it forward with me at different life stages and get new messages from it each listen, is truly beautiful and a blessing.


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