Tarot Guidance for Monday 13 November 2017: The Sun

The card of “enlightenment”, The Sun sees you approach life and your self with love, light and truth. You are now clearer about your goals on all fronts. There is a sense of happiness and contentment as you now see and energetically experience the effects of a major shift that has been taking place within and around you in recent times. The energy of The Sun today will assist you in maintaining the positive vibes and mindset that is, with gratitude, now becoming more of a norm, and in attracting to you what belongs in your life.

Tarot Image: © Tarot of the Renaissance 

Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, who does intuitive readings, tarot readings, spiritual life coaching, and Twin Flame/Twin Soul guidance. Personal tarot readings with Rosalind are now available via Patreon





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