Tarot Guidance for Friday 29 September 2017: 10 of Wands

What or who are you taking on that has nothing to do with your true self? In other words, something in your life has become an “obligation” or “burden” even. Thing is, that which now presents itself as an “obligation” or “burden” in your life was never something your inner being wished for in the first place. This “dead weight” you are carrying around could be deep held beliefs that you have about yourself, whether you are conscious of them or not at this point. Whatever it is, the “dead weight” needs to be identified so it can be released, and so bring more of your natural state of being in to your life, which is balance.

Tarot Image: © Julia Iredale

Rosalind Medea is a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach and Relationships Counsellor, specialising in Twin Flame/Twin Soul guidance, Soulmates and those in relationships with karmic bonds. Personal tarot readings with Rosalind are now available via Patreon





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