Tarot Guidance for Monday 30 January 2017: 5 of Cups

While yesterday gave way to The World, indicating you completing on something, the 5 of Cups shows up today with its energies emphasising disappointments, loss or hurt resurfacing from the past again. It doesn’t have to be that way. As you move forward in your journey to rid yourself of that which no longer serves you, the 5 of Cups shows there is releasing to be done still. If it helps, write down a list of what gets in your way. Then try a visualisation technique where you are in a pool of water with a gentle waterfall flowing from above. Visualise the water washing away everything that no longer serves you. When you are finished, replace what’s released with the energy of divine love – focus on a cobalt blue light filling you and all aspects of your life and flowing continuously bringing to you which belongs in your life instead. You can then follow this ritual by burning the piece of paper with your list.

Tarot Image: © Shadowscapes Tarot

Rosalind Medea is a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach and Twin Flame/Twin Soul Relationship Counsellor. She is available for readings on KEEN and Rosalindmedea.com

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